Alvita Soleil  is a medicine woman, a healing presence, a powerful yet gentle,  knowing, wise, creative, joyful, exhuberant, lovely woman.  Being in her presence is an honor and a privilege.  AND YET, she makes you feel that you are all that, too!  I highly recommend Dr. Soleil's work.  She knows her stuff!Lovingly,Margaret M. - California

"Get ready for the journey of a lifetime with Dr. Soleil.  If you choose deep, rich, and delicious, you've come to the right place!"
Mary ~ Canada

"One cannot begin to fathom the depth of wisdom, compassion, experience and love that  Dr. Alvita Soleil brings to the healing experience.  One must simply come and see for themselves."  Lauren - Hawaii

"No one can heal another human being.  One can only heal themselves, until their presence is healing.  Dr. Alvita Soleil is indeed a healing presence."  Julia Fairchild
"Alvita Soleil is the absolute epitome of the divine feminine, and the medicine woman.  Compassionate, powerful, gentle, intuitive, insightful, discreet, and oh-so-loving.  Her very touch is healing."
Maria T - Virginia
Aloha Health & Wellness Vacation Retreat
People are Talking... 

It was an experience of the kind that drops you to your knees in deep gratitude, with nothing to say but, “Wow! What just happened?”

The best part is that the transformation continues as it informs my life of what is much more appropriate for me as someone who has let go of the martyr and victim, and now has the courage to shine and say “YES” to life."
Mary Lane

"How many times in life have you had an opportunity to step into a timeless zone, gently guided by spirit, in a flow of unfolding one wave at a time, so profound, yet so simple, taking you to the depths of your being? The depth that we have been conditioned to fear, and found nothing to fear at all. Only the self that has eluded us, that is free to shine brightly, that is in love with itself, that is our birthright to know, allow, embrace and accept.

That was my experience in the zone for seven days with Alvita, as she listened with no agenda of her own, creating the cauldron for my transformation, applying the optimum tools from her vast tool kit when and where needed to support the healing taking place before us. 

Her ability and confidence to take me into the unknown, having no idea where we were going with impeccable presence and integrity was masterful.

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