"One cannot begin to fathom the depth of wisdom, compassion, experience and love that  Dr. Alvita Soleil brings to the healing experience.  One must simply come and see for themselves."  
Lauren ~  Waimea, Hawaii
Optimum Wellness:  For those who seek deep relaxation, increased vitality, emotional, physical and spiritual healing, outdoor adventure and simple play time, this retreat is for you.  Our philosophy of life is that "Health" is more than just the absence of disease; it is also a balance and integration of body, mind, and spirit with a positive connection to nature and our environment. Therefore we integrate a comprehensive program tailored to your unique constitution, personal needs and preferences. 

Optimum Health and Wellness Retreat blends alternative therapies and deep wisdom of ancient philosophies, with modern healing technology. We provide tools and skills you can use to achieve and maintain a more joyful, healthier and prosperous life. 

Women's Retreat:  Resting, relaxing, releasing, restoring, healing and deep transformation are the name of the game for this retreat. Women who seek wholeness and balance in their life are encouraged to look deeply within, to feel and focus on the experience of the inner relationship of the body, mind, spirit and the beautiful land of Hawaii.
We don't have time to spend another ten years on the couch or on the cushion. We're ready, more than ever to respond to the calling that lives inside of us, and show up for the destiny that awaits us.   Whether you come to heal a divorce, a separation, a loss, emotional wounds, a health problem, burnout, or needed deep relaxation, we “walk with you” step by step on your healing journey of self discovery.
Professional Renewal Retreat:  We can all agree that we live in a culture of chronic stress; it seems to be a way of life. It does not matter where we are or what we do, everybody has it, everybody talks about it, no one can escape stress, and very few know how to deal with it.
Chronic, long term stress changes the chemical structure of our bodies, molds our behavior and emotions, and promotes disease. It can be either the spice of life or the kiss of death, and certainly can stand in the way of your health and happiness.
Our strategic approach to “burn out”,  is deep rest, relaxation, nature hikes, nutritious meals, body therapies for reducing stress, and counseling that will assist you to move from instinctual survival to conscious creation.
Spiritual Retreat A unique and refreshing approach to spiritual retreats!   Join us for an enlightening experience in spiritual transformation and personal growth.  We all want joy, happiness, abundance, and a life with purpose. This Spiritual Retreat is designed to access the infinite wisdom of our sacred heart, and to reconnect to the presence of our Being.
Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to walk through the world with the authentic confidence to be yourself fully. Imagine giving your creative gifts and love in ways that they can be received and make a difference to the world--and in return you receive everything you need to create a joyful, peaceful, abundant life. 
Imagine what it would feel like to truly live your destiny!   We welcome you.
Detoxify, Cleanse, Rejuvenate:   Dr. Soleil offers a comprehensive, scientifically based, and holistic approache on detoxifying the body, cleansing the mind, and rejuvenating the spirit.

We believe there is no one way to diet, to exercise, or to detoxify. One size does not fit all. For this reason we offer a customized program of detoxification designed to fit your needs, constitution, personal objectives, and current state of health.

Weight Loss Retreat:   There is SO MUCH more to "weight loss" than diet and nutrition, or controlling calories, or myriad methods available today.  Body image, ability to digest our lives as they are, ability to see our inherent worth, regardless of size or shape, willingness to delve into the deeper issues, to face the self sabatours, to identify the noble intents, to honor our inner voices...these are the real issues which can only respond when honored, resolved, released and reframed into self-affirming, self-nurturing, self-acceptance for ultimate release of defensive tactics and protective padding.  Come to an environment of safety, nurturing, honor and respect, and learn to give yourself the same.  Come to reclaim your real body.
         Your Wellness Retreat Vacation is tailored exclusively to meet your interests, needs and specific goals and therefore support the foundation of your long term health and wellness
​         With a focus and commitment to serve you, each customized program supports the integration of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing; it offers you the possibility to re-shape your life in a new way.
         With the generous allowance for time alone, health and healing therapies, and fun adventures, all programs are rejuvenating, and inspire you to live a healthier life style. Whether you come alone, or with a friend or a family member our residential retreats offer options for everyone. 
Residential Retreat Programs
Aloha Health & Wellness Vacation Retreat
The foundation of the Aloha Wellness Retreats Programs is not only relaxing, and restorative, but engaging, enlightening and supporting your capacity to nourish and love yourself more.  Here are some suggested options:
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What make our Health and Wellness Programs unique are the 
  • attention to the integration of Mind, Body and Soul  
  • the extensive healing modalities we offer 
  • the healing experience of the intimate relationship with the earth, and 
  • the nurturing presence and knowledge of Dr. Alvita Soleil